About Us

We are a small dedicated team who have many important clients and associates who require us to create or reproduce their bespoke design ideas.

TV and film companies, theatre groups, architects, public bodies, historic homes and arts and craft properties have relied on us for our high quality, personalised and professional services for many years. We are confident we can offer you the service you require as well as competitive prices.

Design Studio

Every piece of artwork is hand-drawn from the original document or as a new concept. In reproducing an original design, artwork is painstakingly reconstructed – conducting in depth research to uncover any missing details if necessary – with emphasis on the balance between scale and colour to bring out the subtlety of the original reference.

Our skill and craftsmanship includes translating and adapting design, colour and texture to reflect the required character and status, whether a project calls for an exact reproduction, or a new design.


Inspiration and Archive

We are fortunate in owning a particularly rare and extensive archive of wallpaper documents which date from the 17th Century to the 1960’s. The former includes some of the earliest wallpapers in existence, from China, France, Belgium, America and Britain.

Individual designs for clients can be subjected to rigorous research in a bid to perfect the colour and scale appropriate to the architectural setting.